Cohort 4

Yangqian (Fiona) Wang

My name is Yangqian and I’m from China. I received my undergrad and master’s degree in electronic engineering in 2018 and 2021, respectively.

Starting from p-n junction, I was obsessed with semiconductor-based technology since 2015. To me, this knowledge gives me opportunities to unveil the mystery of physics. Therefore, I investigate much more advanced devices known as GaN-based HEMTs during my master’s program, which was focused on studying their dynamic characteristics induced by charge-trapping effects within specific measurement waveforms I designed. Hence, additional rewards about my academic journey were 3 journal papers and 1 conference paper.

I also worked as a research assistant at Peking University to learn the manufacturing process of GaN-based transistors, which enhanced my practical skills and paved a path to make my effort to go further in what I am interested in.

In my leisure time, I’m a huge fan of some TV shows like Doctor Who and Stranger Things. I also enjoy walking so that I’m allowed to feel some stunning views.

Miguel Alvarez Perez

I have always been strongly bound to the world of natural sciences and technologies, mainly because I grew up in a family that’s always been professionally involved in different technologies-related areas.
I started reading and doing my research to learn about different technologies and physics topics such as nanotechnologies, semiconductors and microchips, and particle physics, amongst others, by reading books and articles on the internet.

This interest and passion led me to start a 4-years MPhys Physics degree at the University of Hertfordshire, where I specialised in those areas of interest such as Condensed Matter Physics with my 3rd-year project in Optical Tweezers and light-matter interaction, and Quantum Physics with my final year project in Symmetry Breaking and Higgs Mechanism.

Studies on a side, I am interested in cars and motorsport, and I like using my spare time to read, enjoy a trip or just a nice walk around the city.

Venkatesh Chakravartula

Hi, I’m Venkatesh. I’m from India and graduated from SRM IST, Chennai in Electronics and Communication Engineering, where I worked in a research laboratory developing fibre optic sensors.

My masters degree was in Optoelectronic and Quantum Technologies at the University of Bristol, where my research project was studying the coherence times of electron spins in quantum dots, by driving them with a pulsed laser.

Outside of research, I enjoy backpacking, wildlife documentaries, music and nonfiction

Chris Dawe

My name is Chris and I am originally from Southampton but grew up in Cornwall. I received my MPhys degree from the University of Liverpool in 2022.

I have a keen interest in experimental physics which strengthened over the course of my master’s project, where I began to work with thin film solar cells. I explored the impact defects had on the performance of CdTe devices which had been passivated with varying compositions of selenium. This research was conducted using Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy (DLTS) and Isothermal Transient Spectroscopy (ITS) to highlight the electronically active defects.

In my spare time I like keeping active and getting myself to as many football games as I can – which isn’t always fun being a Southampton fan! I also enjoy reading and watching a good box set.

Mark de Quidt

Hi I’m Mark, I’m from Wokingham in Berkshire.

I studied at Cardiff 2018-2021 for a BSc in Physics, during this time I gained a strong interest in Condensed matter and Semiconductor Physics. I enjoyed completing a research project in my final year, working on characterizing the field effects and ferromagnetic properties of an electromagnet for use in semiconductor testing.

Outside of my studies, I’m an avid skier, I spent the Winter after graduating working as an instructor and backcountry guide in Revelstoke Canada. I also enjoy reading and cooking.

Max Goodwin

Hi, I’m Max, and I’m from Cheshire, just south of Manchester. I graduated from the University of Sheffield with a bachelors degree in Electronic Engineering where I fostered an interest in semiconductor materials, and their properties.

My final year project focussed on the photoluminescence characgterisation of In/GaAs quantum dots using different spectroscopy techniques. I also have experience in cleanroom processes, which I used to fabricate SAW filters for high speed communications.

Outside of university, I enjoy going out to see live music at the weekends and have a drink. I have also built a large sound system that I hope will see some use in Cardiff.

Mehdi Ahmadian

My name is Mehdi. I received my BSc degree in Electronic Engineering from the Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST). Chosen as an Exceptional Talent in the country, I directly entered the master’s level in my favorite field and received my MSc degree in Micro and Nano-Electronic Devices.

My research interests include semiconductor electronic and optoelectronic devices. In addition to working as a teaching and research assistant in academia, I got relevant experience in the electronic industry. The outcome of my research is the eight publications in IEEE Sensors Journal, Microelectronics Journal, etc.
Furthermore, I served as the reviewer for various journals such as IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices and IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology.

In my spare time, I like to travel and spend time with my family and close friends. Also, I enjoy reading about the history of nations, civilizations and new technologies.

Kimberly Nicholson

Hi. I have recently graduated from Strathclyde in Glasgow with a bachelor’s degree in physics. My fourth year project was looking at the suitability of deep-ultra-violet micro-light-emitting diode for applications in optical wireless communication.

In my spare time I enjoy travelling & hiking or just generally being outside!

Franco Obuseli

Hello! My name is Franco, and I’m from Italy. I studied physics at the University of Nottingham. I consider myself an experimental physicist with a fascination for theory. My interest in physics stems from pop science books I read before starting university. My favourite is ‘Physics of the impossible’ by Prof Michio Kaku; he talks about the science behind sci-fi shows. He breaks down what makes these technologies possible and how close we are to achieving them. In the book, he also talks about the development of semiconductor technology. With this CDT, I hope to be part of this ever-changing industry.

My research project was on the mechanical properties of ultra-thin polymer films. These films play a key role in the semiconductor industry. Reducing the thickness of the films, allows us to make smaller structures.

Other than physics, I have a passion for fitness and Judo.

Kiran Sushil

Hello, I’m Kiran and I have completed a Masters (MEng) degree in Mechanical Engineering at Lancaster University.

I was first introduced to semiconductor science through my third year dissertation topic which revolved around novel III-V semiconductor materials and their applications and implementation in PV cells. In my fourth year I completed a group dissertaion on the building of a characterisation system for solar panels. Both of these years were filled with bth challenges and highly interesting topics.

I’m always looking to pick up new activities that I may find fun but outside work, I generally like to play guitar, tennis and basketball.

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